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The Legally Branded Academy is a practical, video based, short online course designed to help students to take due account of intellectual property when implementing any new ideas or projects in their existing businesses or when starting up a new business, product or charity.

It helps avoid the numerous problems we see small businesses encountering if they didn’t take the right actions when implementing their ideas. They can experience expensive, stressful legal troubles. Sometimes they unwittingly make it easy for competitors to muscle in on their turf or they allow third parties to steal their ideas without comeback.

There are a few key templates provided and a clear process and checklist to follow to ensure that essential intellectual property assets are never lost through oversight. By taking account of the default rules of the law these templates and processes help you to deal with new projects while securing your intellectual property rights.

New projects often involve commissioning works, creating new collateral and content, getting prototypes designed, brand naming and so on. All this often happens well before small businesses would turn to lawyers for help. Lawyers are expensive, and you’re always introducing new ideas and projects in business. It’s just not feasible to have a lawyer hold your hand every time you create something new.

So, the Legally Branded Academy delivers the early intellectual property advice people need. It’s a  video based online course that provides the know-how, simple steps and processes to introduce into your business to protect your intellectual property on an ongoing basis. That’s how you protect future business assets, and get the benefit of the value inherent in ideas.

Taking the right actions early on when you’re creating something new in your business is as important, if not sometimes more so, than registering your rights later on.

You will want to use the resources again and again to protect the assets that your business creates whenever you’re turning ideas into tangible form.

The course also includes checklist so existing businesses can do an intellectual property audit of their own business too. There are suggestions for how to cure any defects found. This alone can save a business thousands of pounds. If you plan to sell your business one day, then do an audit several years before any potential sales conversations to give yourself plenty of time to put right any problems found. Some problems can take a few years to resolve. Even smaller IP problems could kill the sale or substantially reduce the price you could achieve.

So the Legally Branded Academy equips you with all you need in the early stages of a project to successfully implement ideas.


It’s a business course, and the actions you need to take are similar wherever in the world you may be located. So, the course is suitable for a worldwide audience. The information does not deal with the minutiae of the law. By understanding the big picture businesses can take appropriate actions and do many of the initial steps to protect their assets themselves.

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