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Coming Soon

Legally Branded Annual will be released in November. It is entirely separate to the Legally Branded Academy. You may want to buy both or just one of them, it’s up to you although the fundamentals that you need to protect your business are only provided in Legally Branded Academy.

The plan is to release videos for subscribers, along the lines of the below initially:

How To Register a UK Trade Mark - This module shows you how to register a trade mark in the UK if you want to file your own application in the UK correctly, and know what to expect as it passes through to registration. Many people waste time and money registering their trade marks because they make some very basic mistakes. Some are unaware that they are not properly protected in their business as they have not registered in the right classes or scoped their mark adequately. They get a false sense of security from having registered their mark. If you want to register your own trademark you might as well know how to do it properly.

How to register an EU trade mark, a US trade mark, an International Trade Mark via the Madrid Protocol to cover more than 117 countries worldwide would also be included in other months. Just learning how to calculate the official fees will serve when you’re producing your business plans or seeking investment.

 How to do a Patent search. Step by step know how to do your own patent searches if you have an idea or innovation that you think may be patentable. Once you have done your own research, and followed the advice in Legally Branded Academy, you’ll be ready to decide how to progress your idea.

How to Commission a Brand Identity – issues to be aware of, legal agreements and instructions on how to use the templates.

Copyright A more in depth focus on what you need to know about securing your copyright. There are myths galore, such as that you just need to post something to yourself. This module explains the steps to take if copyright registration doesn’t apply in your country or even if it does, to enhance your protection internationally. The module will also focus on linking and framing, and the tension between copyright laws which seek to control dissemination, and social media which encourages the circulation of content. Guidance on best practice options to follow will be provided.

 Design registration. If you have designs to register, even just a logo, then you may want to do some design searching or just register the designs in the UK, EU or internationally via the Hague. During the monthly modules you will get access to all this

Hiring freelancers globally and how to protect yourself as the platforms, such as Upwork, People Per Hour and others leave the details of the engagement for you to agree directly with freelancers. What approach should you take to international agreements? Find out in this module, access templates and guidance by video.

Brand building – How do you set up your brand, both personally and for your business in a world where it’s important to use the personal brand of the founder or key figure head in a business. How do you combine that with ensuring your business brand doesn’t suffer? How should you manage your own and your business’ profile building online so the business value translates to the business as well?

Use of trade marks in Google and other Ads. You’ll find out to what extent it’s possible to  bid on competitors’ names in ads or put their name in metatags on your site so that when people search for your competitor they see your ad or your website.



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